LUXORliving: the new KNX smart home system from Theben

LUXORliving is a new platform that aids electricians in the installation and configuration of comprehensive smart home systems, including lighting, heating, cooling, and blinds.

LUXORliving is programmed using the LUXORplug Windows software package, a drag and-drop interface that Theban claims allows electricians to bypass unnecessary expenses and time-consuming courses.

Theben’s theBUDDY partner scheme is designed for electricians and provides rebates tied to turnover, free training and CPD, vouchers, and extended warranties. As part of this initiative, Theben has made a dedicated LUXORliving website, featuring links to contact details of registered partners. This approach aims to ensure that homeowners seeking professional installation can locate certified electricians who are proficient in implementing LUXORliving.

Theben has also joined up with product manufacturer Focus SB. This partnership leverages the provides customers an array of solutions, extending beyond lighting control to full building automation.


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