Meridian Audio welcomes guests to virtual showroom


High end audio company, Meridian Audio has launched a new virtual showroom with its long-time collaborator, Vision by New Land.

Keeping in mind the likelihood of a challenging winter for face-to-face meetings and events, Meridian Audio has turned its showroom into a virtual space with an immersive 3D model to enable people to keep up to date with Meridian’s latest innovations, product launches and virtual events. 

The virtual showroom has been made possible using Vision’s interior imaging software which combines high-powered cameras and AI software to generate interactive ‘digitised spaces’. 


The 360-degree digital showroom is now open for demos and will be the virtual venue for a series of ‘live’ webinar events to be launched in the coming months. These events will allow Meridian to continue engaging with customers overseas despite travel restrictions and the 3D tour will play a crucial role in this process. 

“We’re over the moon with the virtual tour,” said Barry Sheldrick, Meridian’s director of sales. “It gives a unique, behind the scenes insight into the Meridian factory and demonstration spaces where we create, test and assemble our high-performance range of products.”

He continued: “It’s easy to access, use and share, which means anyone can enjoy their own virtual experience. Integrators can invite their clients to take a look around ahead of a live demonstration at the home of high resolution. We are excited to use it as part of our ongoing marketing activity and enable more people to experience Meridian for themselves.”


The director of Vision by New Land, Luke Newland, is excited by the opportunity to help companies to adapt to the changes. “It’s not just about the ongoing health restrictions, it’s clear longer-term consumer trends are moving everything increasingly online. 

“We’ve been lucky enough to work closely with Meridian Audio for over a decade now, so we’re pleased to have the technology and know-how to help them keep driving their business forwards.” 

Vision by New Land is helping more and more companies to adapt to changes to showcase their innovations in a digital space. Newland added: “Because of the high-fidelity imaging and interactive features, the Vision technology is perfect for AV companies, but its potential spans a number of sectors.”

Meridian Audio’s virtual showroom can be accessed here