Naim Audio launches trade-in programme for CD players

Addressing key components becoming obsolete, Naim Audio has launched a trade-in programme for its legacy CD players.

Over the last 18 months, many components that are required to repair Naim’s legacy CD players have become obsolete, with much of the remaining stock now running dry, making it difficult for the company to provide the ongoing supports it tries to offer on all products, especially many of its CD player repairs.

To offset these issues, a trade-in programme has been launched which will allow the eligible CD players to be traded in for a preferential rate on a Uniti Star, a streamer (NDX2 or ND5 XS2) and/or a Uniti Core.  

CD players eligible for exchange are the CD5, CDX, CDX-2, CD5i, CDS-3, CD5x, CD5i-2, and the CD5 XS.

This offer is in place until 1st September 2024.

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