Nureva appoints Peripheral Vision as South African distributor

Nureva has entered the South African market with the appointment of Peripheral Vision as its distributor in the region.

Formerly focused on providing audio conferencing products to workplaces and learning environments, Nureva has recognised the shift in working and learning habits and now also serves the resimerical market too. There is an increasing demand in the South African market for reliable audio to support the country’s growing hybrid working and learning environments, of which Peripheral Vision is helping to serve.

A recent study of 209,000 participants in 190 countries, 53% of South Africans said that their preference is to work from home at least occasionally, with 44% saying they want to work fully remotely compared to a global average of 24%. Peripheral Vision is well positioned to supply audio conferencing technology to both office working and hybrid environments.

“We see a huge need in South Africa for an audio conferencing solution like Nureva’s, and we are excited to add Nureva audio to our portfolio,” said Wynand Langenhoven, CEO of Peripheral Vision. “Nureva fills a significant gap in the conferencing industry with its reliabel full-room audio coverage at a lower cost than ceiling microphone technology. Unlike most traditional high-end audio products, Nureva systems are also much easier to deploy and maintain.”

Nureva’s CEO, Nancy Knowlton added: “We are delighted to have Peripheral Vision introduce Nureva audio to the South African market. We look forward to working with them to address the critical need for audio conferencing solutions that support the long-term trend of hybrid working and learning.”

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