Samsung’s living room-friendly version of ’˜The Wall’ coming soon

Samsung certainly created a lot of buzz when it debuted its huge MicroLED “The Wall” display at CES 2018 in Vegas in January – and now, its version for the home is almost ready, at a smaller cost and size than its 146-in predecessor…

The Wall from Samsung may be popping in a lot of commercial environments, but the manufacturer firmly believes the modular display has its place in luxury homes too.

The original prototype, a 146-in 4K display powered by MicroLED tech rather than OLED (and brighter at 1,600 nits of brightness), was microns thick and began taking orders at InfoComm 2018 in June, rumoured to cost a fairly sizeable sum – but the Korean powerhouse is keen to stress the consumer version will be little different. "The price will not be as high as people think," said Han Jong-hee, president of the Samsung’s display division, on the new incarnation of The Wall.

The upcoming version of the TV will also be much thinner for the smaller price tag at 30mm (versus 80mm for the original, 146-in option), and will start being mass-produced this September – perfect timing for a CEDIA debut.

MicroLED TVs work like OLEDs in that pixels emit their own light and offer high contrast ratios and ‘true’ blacks, whilst using less power than LED technology. Samsung are also pushing that MicroLED technology can provide greater longevity due to the reduced likelihood of pixel burn-in.

Check back to HiddenWires for updates from the CEDIA 2018 showfloor in San Diego to see how The Wall stacks up against OLED offerings from the likes of LG and Sony.

Samsung may still be backing LED technology in a big way with The Wall and its recently enhanced QLED range, but don’t forget it’s still rumoured to be considering a play for the OLED market too.