Savant joins Avnu Alliance of AVB-equipped devices

Savant has joined the Avnu Alliance, a consortium of professional, automotive, consumer electronics and industrial manufacturing companies working together dedicated to the certification and interoperability of devices within the Audio Video Bridging ecosystem.

The smart home technology company has joined as a promoting member, allowing it to participate in pre-certification working groups, facilitating important technical updates and certification standards to meet market requirements and ensure certified products will be interoperable with those of other vendors.

“Savant was one of the first whole-home technology companies to move past the matrixed audio distribution topology into an infrastructure where audio content moves over a single Ethernet cable,” said Tim Locascio, VP of engineering at Savant.

“After careful examination, we determined that AVB offered the most reliable standard for audio over IP, with its zero-configuration and self-healing attributes. AVB is also an open IEEE 802.1 standard that is free, futureproof and innovative – much like 902.11 networking standards. These attributes plus outstanding performance made AVB the right choice for Savant.”


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