Software upgrade to ELAN Control Systems give new possibilities for home control

On 25 July, Nice/Nortek Control will release its ELAN Control Systems 8.7.500 software, an impactful upgrade that will build on the award-winning ELAN surveillance platform and enables comprehensive surveillance for installations of any size.

The 8.7.500 upgrade allows the software-based ELAN onboard network video recorder (NVR) to support up to eight channels with a single license when paired with a control extender. In partnership with updated solutions, the software release allows integrators to deploy surveillance solutions that support up to 36 channels and configure systems that uniquely fit the needs of customers.

Requiring minimal hardware, the ELAN software-based NVR features simple installation, set up and operation. Control of the system is done completely within the ELAN user interface, giving users the ability to manage both the NVR and the cameras without the need to switch between the ELAN app to view live feeds and a surveillance app to review recorded footage.

To set up, integrators should install the license on an ELAN SC-100 or ELAN SC-300 System Controller and add external storage using the ELAN Management Cloud.

Jeff Shaw, vice president of Product Management, Control, Power/AV at Nice/Nortek Control said: “It’s now easier than ever to scale a surveillance system. This upgrade furthers our ELAN brand’s focus to create more flexible and decentralised control systems. Additionally, it expands our partners’ portfolios helping them to create more opportunities with ELAN.

“We’re shifting the NVR paradigm and keeping the integrator in mind as much as the end user. In pairing software with multi-purpose hardware, not only are we providing an easier path for future features but also cutting down on set up and installation time.”

A software-based approach allows systems to expand beyond the confines of single-purpose hardware deployments while providing integrators and customers with an innovative solution capable of fitting unique needs and growing with them. By leveraging existing ELAN controllers to provide the NVR capabilities, these extenders can be dual-purpose and support IR extension, media players and handheld remotes.

The release of ELAN 8.7.500 also includes a new lighting scheduler with 32 programmable periods to create more a personalised lighting experience in any zone.

A live educational webinar is being held for dealers and integrators to learn more about the ELAN 8.7.500 software upgrade and expansion capabilities on Monday 25 July at 10:00 PST. You can register here.

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