Screen Innovations introduces snap install method

A new attachment system has been developed by Screen Innovation (SI) to ensure easy installation when affixing Black Diamond and Short Throw (BD&ST) optics to SI’s Zero Edge Pro frame.

The new BD&ST Zero Edge Pro snap attachment system replicates the installation method used on SI’s Zero Edge Slate screens. It provides a simpler way to attach the screen to the frame while minimising manpower and installation time by at least half. 

Not only does it give the installer an easier fixing method, but the snap attachment also allows more flexibility in terms of manageable freight and delivery options. 

Rather than having a pre-assembled Zero Edge Pro screen, which is often bulky and more expensive to ship, as well as difficult to deliver to the jobsite and sometimes impossible to carry to the installation location, the rollable BD&ST can be shipped before assembly.

BD&ST attachment.2

SI’s CEO, Ryan Gustafson said: “We listen to our dealers, this was not our idea, it was theirs. The BD&ST Zero Edge Pro snap attachment system is another example of SI’s commitment to continually improving our dealers’ lives through innovation and refinements to its products.

“Our goal is to simplify our products and service to provide dealers with tools to be as successful as possible.”

The BD&ST Zero Edge Pro snap attachment system is available on SI’s new three-day quick-build programme.