Trident IoT Launches Taurus Z-Wave Series

The new silicon chip series and SDK support next-generation Z-Wave capabilities for the global smart home market.

The Trident IoT Taurus Z-Wave Series will encompass system-on-chip (SoC) products and modules that support the latest advancements in Z-Wave technology, including Z-Wave Long Range (ZWLR) for the U.S. and the implementation of the ZWLR European specification. The Taurus Z-Wave Series will ship with an SDK based on Open Z-Wave Specification Release 2024A.

The Taurus Series is based on a low power, high performance Z-Wave SoC.  The Taurus Series chips feature an ARM Cortex-M33 microprocessor, 1MB of flash program memory, and 288KB of SRAM data memory for processing and response time. The powerful sub-GHz radios transmit at +20dBm and +14 dBm, enabling communication over distances up to 1.5 kilometres.

Taurus chips support Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave Plus v2 and ZWLR, enabling the development of  secure, scalable, and backwards-compatible solutions for smart homes. Using the ZWLR 12-bit addressing space, the Taurus Series supports networks of up to 4000 nodes; Taurus chips also leverage ZWLR dynamic power control, enabling end point battery life of up to ten years from a single coin-cell battery.

Trident IoT will offer end-to-end engineering consultation for new products integrating Taurus Series silicon. In addition to the Taurus Series SDK, Trident IoT customers will also have access to an library of both Z-Wave and ZWLR device and sensor reference designs, created to accelerate the development of innovative new edge-of-property applications.

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