Waterfall Audio unveils its Niagara XT series of floorstanding loudspeakers

First seen at ISE 2024, the XT1 , XT2, and XT3 speakers are all contained within a transparent platinum safety glass enclosure, are available now.

This pioneering technology marks a significant leap in security systems, offering an unprecedented level of automated audio deterrence without the need for a traditional control system. Built-in alarms and security announcements within the speaker ensure zero-latency local announcements independent of an internet connection. This integration is part of a move towards the future of decentralised smart systems. By eliminating the need for a central controller, this integration empowers residential and commercial properties with more efficient and autonomous security solutions. The system's flexibility allows for the creation of different zones with specific announcements.

The core benefit of this integration is its proactive approach. While traditional security systems rely on footage review after an incident, this solution deters potential threats before they materialise. When a potential threat is detected, an automated announcement will alert individuals in the vicinity, providing them with information and prompting appropriate actions. By informing individuals that they are under surveillance or that their actions are being monitored, potential intruders may be warned off.

Wesley Siu, co-founder of Lithe Audio, said : “Audio announcements can serve as an effective deterrent. The psychological impact of a human-like voice delivering warnings or instructions can be more persuasive than traditional alarms. Our partnership with Lilin now provides the market with high quality speakers delivering fast, smart, clear and intelligible audio alarms that are autonomous of any central controller. This is an unprecedented and highly effective solution, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this new era of smart security deterrents”.

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