WiiM Pro is Roon Ready thanks to Roon Labs certification

Linkplay Technology has secured Roon Labs certification for its WiiM Pro music streamer, confirming that the product can connect to Roon without any configuration.

The smart home technology company has also signed a deal with Henley Audio for distribution of WiiM products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Oxfordshire-based Henley will take charge of brand sales, marketing, service, and pre-/post-sales support for WiiM, which currently offers two audio products: the WiiM Mini and WiiM Pro.

Laurence Armstrong, managing director of Henley Audio, said: "This partnership is terrific news for all, including our dealers and their customers. Our in-house sales and tech teams have determinedly put the WiiM models through their paces, and the units continually deliver the goods. Indeed, WiiM gear transforms, bringing smart audio features to hi-fi gear, including turntables, which, of course, is a category we know inside out."

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