Zektor US transitions to Pulse-Eight

Following its purchase in December 2018, Zektor US will now trade as Pulse-Eight.

The consolidation of the Zektor name under the Pulse-Eight brand name will allow the American side of the business to achieve cost savings via global branding efficiencies, economies of manufacturing scale and will introduce a wider variety of products, thus passing on the efficiencies and savings to all Pulse-Eight dealers throughout the American marketplace.

An example of this is Pulse-Eight’s neo:X+ Video and Audio Matrix, which was formerly known as the Zektor Palladia gX in America, will now have a $700 price reduction.

The company is also launching a new range of 4K and 8K optical HDMI cables specifically designed for customers in America and will be conveniently supplied in money-saving bundle packs, making it even easier and more cost-effective for integrators to purchase and supply to their customers.

Pulse-Eight has also promised the introduction of several new residential and commercial video distribution products unique to the market.

Mark Shaughnessy, vice president of sales (America), Pulse-Eight, commented: “I am excited to help bring new technologies and products to the American market, and I am looking forward to building awareness of the Pulse-Eight brand name that sets the new standard for technology and reliability.”

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