Samsung improves displays with new 8K display driver IC

Samsung Electronics has announced an 8K display driver IC (DDI) to deliver 8K resolution that appears true-to-life with intra-panel data transfer speeds of up to 4 Gbps.

The new DDI (S6CT93P) has Samsung’s Unified Standard Interface for TV (USI-T) 2.0, doubling the previous USI-T 1.0’s intra-panel speed of 2Gbps. This improvement in the DDI’s data transfer capability enhances efficiency of a display’s system performance and reduces the need for additional components.

It also gives Samsung the opportunity to produce designs for slim bezel-less TVs with display sizes 65-in and above.

The updated interface supports a smart equaliser (EQ) feature to operate two-way channels between the timing controller (TCON) and individual DDIs. The smart EQ can programme all DDIs in a panel simultaneously to reduce the possibility of bit errors and resources that are required for panel production. 

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