Amina Technologies to demo new EDGE and Mobius invisible speakers at ISE

Amina Technologies will show its new EDGE and Mobius invisible speaker models at ISE 2020, as well as celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The models being demonstrated at the show incorporate Amina’s latest Excelsior exciter, which brings increased power handling and frequency response. 

Designed to be completely concealed in walls, ceilings and millwork, Amina loudspeakers are comprised of either aluminium honeycomb or composite planar soundboards with integrated exciters to deliver full-range 180 x 180-degree sound. 

Amina’s EDGE line represents a new approach for plasterboard application, installing the speaker by replacing a small section of plasterboard, attached only to the wall and not the studwork. This means no special framing is required. 

The speaker then ‘moves’ with the drywall when the studs or floor-joists flex and twist, assuring that the finish will not crack. It then becomes fully invisible once filled, taped, feathered and painted. The speaker can also be installed as a post-plaster retrofit product. 

Using the second generation of Excelsior exciter, EDGE-i gives a smoother low frequency extension and increased power handling over the previous version. 

There are two models available in this range: the EDGE5i and higher sound pressure level capable EDGE7i. These will be shown at ISE 2020.

Amina’s Mobius range is engineered to be integrated into stud frame or solid walls or ceilings using either the company’s cavity wall or solid wall backbox, or in millwork. 

The speaker can be covered by a range of materials, including wet plaster skim (2mm), stucco, wood, leather, natural or man-made veneers and laminates. After installation, it can the be covered and sealed, making the Mobius model resistant to moisture and corrosive elements. 

Being introduced at ISE 2020, the new Mobius-i uses the new Excelsior class high frequency driver integrated into a honeycomb aluminium soundboard, bringing a 6dB boost in mid-range sensitivity over its predecessor. 

It also delivers an extended lower frequency and increased smoothness and extension in the high frequencies to above 30kHz. 

The new models available are the Mobius5i and higher SPL capable Mobius7i

All new models are available now worldwide. 

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