Analog Devices highlights key AV technologies at ISE

Analog Devices (ADI) will be exhibiting at ISE 2020 next week, where it will show its range of audio-visual applications, services, and products.

With several demonstrations taking place at the show, ADI will showcase its contributions to audio-over-IP, DSP-audio system development, and voice-based system interfaces.

Audio-over-IP is quickly becoming standard in many applications, adding user convenience and simplicity. 

ADI will demonstrate its complete solution in this space, using ARM processor cores for the protocol, SHARC cores to support audio processing, and employing the company’s own PoE technology. Also incorporating memory and USB interfaces, ADI’s technology packages all these elements into a single system-on-chip device.

Also being demoed on the stand, ADI will show how development and deployment of audio applications including effects processors, multi-channel audio systems, MIDI synthesisers, and many other DSP-based audio projects can be supported by ADI’s SHARC Audio Module Platform with A2B connectivity. 

Its newly released SigmaDSP Audio Processor will be showcased, integrating powerful DSP capability with all features required for voice user interface applications. 

ADI application engineers will be on hand at 14-C170 to discuss all aspects of AV systems integration design and development for home entertainment, high performance audio, and innovative video signal processing.