B&W launches 700 series loudspeakers

Bowers and Wilkins has launched the 700 series loudspeaker range of nine products: three standmounters, there floorstanders, two centre speakers and a subwoofer.

The floorstanders are the flagship 702 S2, 703 S2 and 704 S2; while the standmounters are the 705 S2, 706 S2 and 707 S2.  

HTM71 and HTM7 are centre channel speakers. The HTM71 has two dedicated bass drivers and an FST Continuum Cone midrange, while the HTM7 is a more compact unit. 

DB4S is the 700 series’ subwoofer, offering 1000w of digital amplification for cinema sound. It features an aerofoil cone design, which is the same technology used in the 800 series Diamond speakers.

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