Centralite launches three connected devices

Centralite Systems has expanded its line of connected products with the release of a micro motion sensor, micro door sensor, and water sensor.

The manufacturer’s 3-Series Micro Motion Sensor has been designed to bring both security and advanced home automation to a connected home.  The product notifies homeowners of movement in a certain area, and also can trigger lighting scenes, HVAC settings and security alarms when motion is detected.

Centralite’s 3-Series Micro Door Sensor brings the ability to detect the opening and closing of doors and windows, and occupancy notifications to the connected home systems. The device can also be used to notify homeowners when specific cabinets or drawers holding important items are opened.

Its 3-Series Water Sensor can be placed near water heaters, drain pans and under sinks. It notifies users when water it detected to flood damage in the home. The sensor is also able to trigger a whole-home water shut-off valve to disconnect the water supply, ensure that A/C drain pans don’t overflow, and prevent basement flooding when sump pumps fail.

“In introducing these three new Centralite-brand smart devices to consumers, Centralite continues to meet the demand for fast and easy access to the highest quality, most technologically advanced connected devices on the market,” commented Sean Bryant, Centralite’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Future releases announced by the manufacturer include the Night Light Repeater, Smart Switch, and Smart Button. Centralite’s cloud-based ‘Jilia’ IoT framework is available to help developers create IoT systems incorporating customised “pathways” between connected devices, using a single API framework.

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