Dirac upmixing tech transforms stereo content

Dirac has introduced content-based upmixing technology as a feature in its Dirac Virtuo solution that creates true, immersive, multichannel audio from existing stereo content.

The Swedish digital audio company’s upmixing technology analyses source content and splits into component parts with different spatial attributes. From this real-time decomposition, the upmixing technology intelligently generates a multichannel version of the same content and distributes it to multichannel-capable sound systems. No additional surround sound processor is required.

Dirac says it employs patent-pending algorithms to minimise distortions and deliver accurate, natural, and immersive sound.

Expected in the second quarter of 2022, the upmixing technology will debut first for the automotive market as part of the Dirac Virtuo spatial audio solution. Dirac is demonstrating the technology during CES 2022 in Venetian Hospitality Suite 3-227.

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