ELAN SC-100 System Controller now shipping

ELAN has announced that its new high-performance, entry-level controller is now available for delivery.

Expanding its reach in the market, the ELAN SC-100 System Controller is an entry-level device designed for smaller installations or where single-point control is required for media, climate, lighting, etc.

Available at a more affordable price point, the new controller is powered by a high-performance quadcore processor and can also be deployed as an intelligent extender for larger ELAN installations.

The ELAN SC-100 System Controller is now available order either individually or as part of a bundled solution with the ELAN HR10 handheld remote.

When using the ELAN single room control solution, homeowners can use one remote to manage all their media and entertainment in one room and the ELAN mobile app to control and automate everything else, like lighting, climate, and door lock systems. 

The new single room solution can be cloud managed so that dealers can have control and visibility over all deployed systems to monitor and ensure their software is always up to date. ELAN 8.4 is the latest software version and is available to dealers for download.

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