Eyewear delivers crystal clear sound as well as vision

It is now possible to listen to music, take telephone calls, listen to audiobooks or interact with a voice assistant through your eyewear with Fauna’s new audio glasses.

The audio wearable specialist has launched two models to UK, European and US markets – the Spiro Transparent Brown sunglasses and the Memor Havana glasses with blue light filter lenses. Both models use Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of up to 10 metres and are compatible with iPhone 5 or later and Android 6.0 or later. A specific app is not required to connect and control the glasses; they are controlled by touching and swiping the temples.

Concentrating on making a stylish product that still delivers quality sound, Fauna focused on making the eyewear look like normal glasses with no chunky temples. As normal glasses do, they protect the wearer’s eyes from the sun or blue light whilst providing a vivid sound when listening to music, audiobooks, or watching a movie. The glasses also feature integrated microphones for voice assistants and making phone calls.

The audio modules are integrated into each temple of the frames, with each module including a patented MEMS microspeaker, an electrodynamic speaker, a touch-pad, associated electronics and a battery. There are also two microphones integrated into the right temple with beam-forming and echo cancelling.

Despite being packed with electronics, the glasses remain lightweight at just 50g.

The unique audio technology and sound direction ensures that sound leakage is kept to a minimum. The sound is able to travel directly to the user’s ear without disturbing anyone else around them and keeping the audio content private to the user.

This also makes them safe to use outside as the user can hear what is going on around them as the ear canal is not obstructed by an ear plug or cover as is with usual headphones and earphones.

Both the Spiro and Memor Havana models feature high-quality Italian acetate frames with adjustable temple lengths, a standard in the eyewear industry and optimal for fit and wearing comfort.

A charging case is included that allows users to re-charge the glasses on the go up to five times. The charging case contains a 1300 mAh battery while the glasses have a 100mAh battery, which provides up to 20 hours standby and more than five hours of music, voice assistant and phone calls.

Fauna Audio Glasses are both IP52 water and dust resistant. Both models are supplied with standard lenses but can easily be exchanged for prescription lenses by an optician or other professional.

Both models are available now and are priced at £249 / €249 / $299.

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