Faradite launches discreet volt-free motion sensor

Faradite has announced a volt-free variant as a new product in its range of low profile motion sensors that are designed for the modern smart home.

The Motion Sensor 360 – Volt Free was designed in response to demand from integrators for a volt-free version of Faradite’s Motion Sensor 360 (0-10V LUX) that could be integrated into popular control systems such as Lutron, Crestron and Control4. 

Faradite 1 The sensor can be powered by a 5V-24V supply and the volt-free/dry contact interface allows for integration with multiple control systems. Its compact design sits just 3.5mm proud of the ceiling and is as small as a GU10 spotlight, meaning it is barely visible when mounted and makes it a conspicuous choice for design-conscious clients. 

There are no annoying noises as the sensor is 100% silent. It uses the latest digital passive infra-red sensing technology to reduce lens size whilst maintaining range and viewing angle. Detection area is 8m diameter when the sensor is mounted at a height of 3m; performance that is normally only achievable in sensors with large, unsightly domes.

Faradite 2The optional Fire IDR accessory provides a fire rating of 60 minutes, making it well suited to multi dwelling unit projects where it’s imperative that the fire rating of the ceiling is maintained. Push-fit and removable connectors ensure both an efficient installation and rapid temporary removal at various stages of the system commissioning. 

Ease of installation and maintenance is one of the features that make the Motion Sensor 360 range attractive to integrators.


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