Gira launches ‘touch & slide’ top unit

Gira has added the Gira System 3000 top unit to its portfolio for lighting, blinds and heating controls.

Ideal for new builds and retrofit projects, the new unit has touch and slide functions to give users an easy way to adjust and control their lights, blinds and heating.

Users can control the new top unit via the Gira System 3000 app, Bluetooth or manually with its tactile touch and slide controls.

Easy to install, the top unit gives homeowners more control without the need to install a complete bus system. Its futureproof design allows settings to be altered easily should users needs change or if more automation is added to the home.

The top unit will display the status of heating, blinds and lights via light bars on the control panel which can be easily adjusted with a gentle touch of the sliding switch. Users can also save up to three of their favourite settings from the memory function which can be called up whenever needed. This is ideal for a night-light or for brighter task lighting.

It is compatible with the Gira System 55, allowing integrators to expand and adapt each Gira switch-system as required. Installers now also have the option to interchange between design lines and have a choice of flat or surface-mounted installation, meaning that the new system can be combined with a variety Gira frames.

Gira UK’s managing director, Mark Booth said: “With increasing demand for integrated controls and systems in today’s smart home, we are delighted to introduce the new top unit to the trade. Inspired by the swipe-ability and convenience of the smartphone interface, this new control unit optimises comfort for end users with its three touch-sensitive surfaces and innovative slider control.

“Electricians will benefit from its ease of installation with the ability to integrate three systems smoothly in a high-concept, aesthetically pleasing top unit to complement contemporary décors.”

Ergonomically designed, the top unit is available in a choice of contemporary colours and finishes. Colour options include Pure White Matte, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Anthracite, and Black.