Intuitiv Homes announces most advanced Crestron interface yet in Beta

Intuitiv Homes, known for designing and building Crestron user interfaces for high-end smart homes, has announced that its Intuitiv Tahoe Crestron CH5 template will be the most advanced Crestron interface available and is currently in Beta.

The unique interface features modern user interface design elements combined with thoughtful user-centric heuristic cues.

By leveraging conventional web technologies, CH5 allows integrators to deploy touch interfaces that are on-par with today’s most popular mobile and web applications.

Ryan Wenner, co-founder of Intuitiv Homes explained: “CH5 allows you to completely blow your clients away with the most modern, industry-leading UI design, and smooth, instant UI feedback in real-time.”

“CH5 is a game changer,” added Marc Caldwell, co-founder and creative director of Intuitv. “This technology will change the way the world thinks about smart home UI design forever.”

The Intuitiv Tahoe Crestron CH5 Beta programme is scheduled to run throughout July and includes an elite group of ‘verified testers’ located in California, Southern US and New Zealand.

Early access orders will be available for purchase starting 15 July and will be ready to ship globally in September.

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