ISE 2018: Kordz highlights HDMI cable

Kordz has revealed that it will be showcasing its PRS3 AOC HDMI cable at the Blustream stand at ISE next week.

Designed to be lightweight and flexible, the Kordz PRS3 AOC HDMI cable is ideal for all installations where long length and high bandwidth is required. The cable can deliver HDR/3D/4K/UHD/high frame rate signal distribution.

The PRS3 AOC HDMI features a 1kg grip to ensure that cable installation is a one-time job. The lack of need for additional power, as an HDMI extender would, further simplifies integration. The cable’s Kevlar-reinforced internals furthermore provide added flexibility and pull strength during installation.

The cable features an anti-vibration connector shell that measures 18mm wide and is available in a range of sizes for different applications – from 10 to 30 metres, with longer sizes to be introduced soon.

The HDMI cable has received 18Gbps maximum HDMI 2.0 certification from DPL Laboratories.

Kordz products can be found at the Blustream stand (5-S140) at ISE 2018. This year’s event will run from 6 to 9 February at the RAI in Amsterdam.