L-Acoustics unveils Soka loudspeaker & subwoofer SB6i

Responding to a growing demand for high-performance systems which integrate into luxury immersive environments, L-Acoustics Creations has introduced a new loudspeaker, Soka and its companion subwoofer, SB6i.

Inspired by the success and design principles of Syva, Soka is a unique loudspeaker that combines line source technology with a sleek aesthetic for discerning technology integrators and projects where a smaller, more discreet solution is required.

Measuring 3.9”/99mm deep, Soka and SB6i are ultra-shallow, designed to be easily enclosed in-wall or discreetly mounted on-wall, yet are capable of delivering a lot of power and bandwidth.

Soka comprises nine 3.5” mid-range drivers and three 1” high frequency transducers to impart wide 140-degree horizontal coverage for an ample sweet spot, coupled with a highly controlled 26-degree vertical directivity to focus sound on the listening area instead of the ceiling or walls.

Soka mounted on-wall

The SB6i subwoofer is one of the most powerful ultracompact subwoofers, boasting two state-of-the-art 6.5” neodymium low frequency drivers and the L-Acoustics laminar vent technology found in its concert-grade reference subwoofers.

Despite its small footprint, Soka delivers 124dB. When accompanied by its companion SB6i subwoofer, Soka extends down to 29Hz with a full range preset. Soka is not a conventional architectural speaker, as Germain Simon, head of product and technology marketing at L-Acoustics explains: “Colinear source technology gives Soka all the benefits of line source technology: high output, extended throw, and razor-sharp control. Soka will be prized for its ability to provide astonishing impact and clarity in spaces that require ultimate discretion to allow the design space to shine.”


The introduction of Soka and SB6i complements the existing installation range from L-Acoustics and reaffirms its commitment to the residential, marine, and architectural installation markets for stereo and home cinema applications as well as immersive sound spaces.

As with other installation products from L-Acoustics, Soka hides its technical features from sight. The rear face holds all the mounting points and speaker connectors, leaving the visible face sleek and elegant. The same mounting options presented with X4i are also available for Soka, which can be mounted on a wall in any orientation with Pan, Tilt, and PanTilt accessories, or integrated into the walls.

Soka integrated into the wall

Soka and SB6i come in the L-Acoustics signature traditional dark grey brown and white colours and can be custom-coloured with the RAL programme to fit any visual aesthetics. Both Soka and SB6i are IP55-rated for indoor and outdoor applications.

SB6i will start shipping in Q2 2022 while Soka will ship in Q1 2023.