Melco launches Intelligent Music Library at High End Munich

Last week at the High End Show in Munich, Melco announced the new Melco Intelligent Music Library, a powerful search and metadata tool for its digital music libraries, enabling simple but powerful music search and selection for playback on any network music player or connected USB DAC.

Implementing MinimServer Intelligent Browsing, Melco’s Intelligent Music Library will be available for all Melco audiophile digital music libraries, including the new N10 and N100 compact-chassis models, and will also be available as a firmware update for existing Melco users.

The Melco Intelligent Music Library combines a suite of Metadata Engine (SongKong for Melco) and UPnP Server (MinimServer with Intelligent Browsing). They are both tailored to the needs of the other allowing it to seamlessly operate as one solution to solve the conventional separation of metadata structure and UPnP server that causes most problems for users when trying to find music on their servers. 

Believed to be an industry first, Melco Intelligent Music Library breaks free from the constraints of the physical disc used to import music and can now give effective search or browse based on the real music search intentions of the user. 

MinimServer, SongKong and Melco have come together to integrate the full functionality of a powerful metadata engine that delivers deep and accurate metadata to a very versatile UPnP server pre-configured to know what metadata to expect. The result is precise, speedy and easy browsing, search and play, even with large collections of varied genres. 

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