Meridian Audio now shipping 210 Streamer

Meridian Audio is now shipping its new 210 streamer to give integrators a reliable, high-quality audio streaming option for clients.

The 210 Streamer can be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to any smart phone or tablet, with volume and playback controls synchronised between streaming apps and the Meridian system. 

Compatible with a number of streaming platforms including Spotify, the 210 also allows music to be accessed through Bluetooth and DLNA/UPnP and is Roon Ready, ensuring that content from any USB storage is available to networked media players and renderers. 

The device can also be connected directly to a pair of DSP loudspeakers or to any system via a SpeakerLink input, ensuring an easy set up for customers with existing Meridian Audio systems. 

The built-in Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) decoder enables the 210 to deliver studio master quality MQA music, and the Meridian High Resolution (MHR) controls the movement of hi-res audio without degradation or loss in quality.

Using the Meridian Control App, integrators can configure the 210 seamlessly. The app also acts as an intuitive and robust method for controlling the streamer and any connected Meridian systems. 

“Homeowners and their families expect to be able to stream music straight from their phone, tablets, or other devices into their home audio set up,” commented Barry Sheldrick, director of sales at Meridian Audio.

“The 210 Streamer allows integrators to deliver this functionality with minimal fuss and maximum audio quality. When developing this product, research into the music subscriptions revealed that Spotify was the market leader, with 36 per cent market share, so we put great emphasis on ensuring this streamer would be compatible with Spotify Connect. 

“Our engineers spent a lot of time giving Spotify Connect full Meridian integration including volume control of our speakers.”

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