OVAL debuts multifunction smart home sensor

Making a return to CES following a successful first year in 2020, OVAL introduced its 5-in-1 multifunction smart sensor system, designed to provide real-time monitoring and detection and alerts to changes in motions, light, temperature, humidity and water in a smart home.

A home security and protection solution, OVAL alerts user in real-time to things such as open windows and water leaks to help prevent of limit thefts, accidents and property damage, while improving safety and comfort.

The 5-in-1 multi-function allows OVAL to be used simultaneously in any combination that the user chooses. Using it’s five sensing features, users need only buy and manage the one device rather than several. The five sensing features also provides data points for users to track prolonged trends or detect environmental anomalies.

The global pandemic has led to consumers spending more money on their homes and DIY smart home solutions are growing in popularity. OVAL is a DIY product that easily turns any room, area or object smart.

Compatible with many smart speakers and other smart home products by using IFTTT, homeowners can use voice commands to control and interact with certain aspects of their home using OVAL.

The OVAL Smart Home, which includes two OVAL Sensors and the OVAL Hub, and add-on OVAL Sensors and Hubs are available for purchase on Amazon and meetoval.com. In partnership with the Amazon Launchpad programme, OVAL availability will continue to expand globally throughout 2021.

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