Parasound's New Halo Integrated Amplifier Now available from The Multi-Room Company

Parasound's new Halo Integrated 2.1-channel amplifier (Hint) is now available from exclusive UK distributor, The Multi-Room Company.

With its high-resolution DSD DAC; MM/MC phono stage; balanced XLRs; analogue bass management; home theatre bypass and 160-watts per channel of John Curl designed amplifier topology; the Hint is the perfect choice for two channel and home cinema enthusiasts wanting the performance of a pre-power combination from a single product.

The Halo Integrated is fitted with five line-level inputs including balanced XLR and a low-noise MM/MC phono input with three loading options, to bring the best out of the connected turntable. Outputs include XLR L, R and subwoofer preamp outputs plus record/fixed level outputs.

Its home-theatre bypass input circuitry enables a surround sound receiver or processor to utilise the Halo Integrated's power amp to drive the left and right loudspeakers in a surround sound system. Its adjustable low pass and high pass crossovers and front panel subwoofer level control allows for seamless subwoofer integration. Subwoofer bypass inputs make it possible for subwoofer(s) to operate during surround sound and stereo listening.

The new Integrated Amplifier uses the latest ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC to decode a wide array of digital music files via optical, coaxial, and USB inputs. The USB 2.0 input supports PCM up to 384 kHz/32-bit, native DSD256 and DoP DSD bit stream. Additionally the coax and optical inputs accept PCM up to 192 kHz/24-bit, for the highest possible sound quality.

Parasound has employed the company’s classic Class A/AB, DC-coupled topology with a J-FET input, MOSFET driver stage and high-current output with 12 rugged bipolar output transistors. With the oversized shielded toroidal power transformer, the HINT has the potential to drive high performance speakers to their highest possible potential.

Richard Schram, Parasound's president and founder says, "Creating the Halo Integrated amp required us to virtually redefine what a modern integrated amp should be.” Richard goes on to add, "It was a given that its sound quality had to match our acclaimed Halo separates and the company went to great lengths to eliminate the power supply contamination that compromises the audio quality in some of the most expensive integrated amps, allowing the Halo Integrated to provide flawless reproduction of the highest resolution digital audio."

Multi-Room Company Director, Mike Bonnette says, “The Parasound amplifier is an exciting new product and one we are proud to distribute and add to the range.” Mike continues, “The technology behind the product, such as the high-resolution DSD DAC, MM/MC phono stage and amplifier topology work beautifully, driving hi-fi, home cinema and custom installation speakers to their fullest potential.”

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