Peer Review: KEF Ci4100QL-THX In-Wall Speakers

KEF Ci4100QL-THX in-wall speakers reviewed by Simon Gregory, Director of integration company, Cinema Rooms.

KEF Peer Review GregoryWhy did you choose this product?
We recently worked on a residential project that required us to transform the loft conversion into a home cinema. The client already owned a pair of KEF R Series floorstanders, which he used for a stereo system and wanted the KEF sound for his dedicated loft cinema room.  We work very closely with AWE, visiting the AWE Expo to see new products and to take advice from them on which products will suit the projects we are working on.  We already knew that we were going to opt for the KEF Ci4100QL-THX in-wall speakers for this project due to the sound these speakers produce, but after talking through the project with the team at AWE, we decided to match these speakers with two additional subs to provide better sound quality for the cinema room.
What do you like about using it?
With the KEF Ci4100QL-THX in-wall speakers, we were able to achieve a great sounding cinema system, while not taking up much room in the client’s loft. We are fans of these speakers, as they feature a Uni-Q point source driver array, which allows the sound to be dispersed widely and evenly throughout the room. This is great for a home cinema set up, as it means that whichever seat the client is sat in, they will enjoy the full experience.
In which applications are you using the product?
With space at a premium, the KEF Ci4100QL-THX in-wall speakers worked really well in home cinema installations. These speakers fit neatly in the wall, and provide great sound.
KEF speakers are available through CI distributor, AWE.
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