Philips announces two new monitors with facial recognition to log you into Windows

EPI, the brand licence partner for Philips displays and audio, has announced two high-performance monitors with built-in webcams to its Philips Brilliance Collection.

The Philips Brilliance 49” SuperWide Curved LCD Display with Dual Quad HD 5120 x 1440 resolution and the Philips Brilliance 32” 4K LCD Display both have built-in webcams with advanced sensors designed to use Windows Hello facial recognition to securely log you into your Windows devices in less than two seconds, three times faster than password entry. 

The webcam is only visible when in use and goes back into the monitor when it is not needed to ensure privacy and avoids the need to keep the camera covered when not in use. 

The 49” display monitor uses the same display that won an iF Design Award and a 2018 Red Dot Award in 2018 – two of the most important design awards according to EPI. The 1800r curved display design in this monitor gives a more immersive experience and displays life-like images through brightness and crisp colours using a VESA-certified Display HDR 400.

Philips 32 in DisplayThe smaller display, the Philips 329P9H 32” 4K LCD monitor, is designed to maximise productivity with the UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and IPS technology. 

A 90-degree Pivot mode has also been included in this monitor, allowing users to view it from almost any angle. To increase comfort and productivity, the monitor sits on a Smart Ergo Base that can be adjusted to a preferred height, swivel, tilt and rotation angle. 

To reduce energy costs up to 80 per cent and prolong the monitor’s life, the PowerSensor automatically detects if a user is present or not and can reduce the brightness when there is no one in front of it. 

A USB 3.1 type-C docking station has been added to both monitors to make it easier to connect other devices such as keyboard, mouse, notebooks and other monitors. The MultiClient Integrated KVM switch means the user can control two separate PCs at with one monitor-keyboard-mouse set up. A button allows users to switch quickly between PCs.

The Philips Brilliance 49” SuperWide Curved LCD Display will be available in March and the Philips Brilliance 32” 4K Display will be available in February.

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