Pushing limits with C SEED 301-inch TV

C SEED has pushed the boundaries of the big TV market with the announcement of a 301-in carbon fibre and titanium TV, claimed to be “the world’s largest outdoor TV”.

Previously setting new standards with its 201-in outdoor TV, C SEED’s R&D team worked hard to push the limits to create an even bigger TV for outdoor environments, measuring 301-in diagonally (7.6 metres). 

When not in use, the screen folds away into a hidden underground storage casing. To activate the TV, homeowners push a button on the remote control and it unfolds out of its underground case. Seven LED panels interlock to create the seamless TV screen.


With luminosity of 4500 nits, a contrast ratio of 4500:1, and 48-bit colour depth, it makes a great choice for outdoor entertainment for a complement a high-end home. The TV can also be used in direct sunlight. 

Able to support up to 4K resolution, the C SEED 301 can display 281 trillion colours with the 3,956,736 LEDs processing image data up to 100,000 times per second. Six broadband speakers and three subwoofers are used with total output power of 2700 Watts.

C SEED also offers a range of large TVs, with smaller sizes available if the homeowner requires. The retail price of the C SEED 301 is around 1.5m USD. Orders are now being placed with an estimated delivery time of mid-2020.