Q Acoustics reveals M20 HD wireless music system

Q Acoustics, a speaker company based in the UK, has unveiled its new M20 HD wireless music system designed to be used for music listening, movie watching and gaming.

The music system is capable of wireless streaming of high-resolution quality audio thanks to its aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity, which allows connections to devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and network streamers. The M20 can also deliver audio from a games console, TV, turntable, set-top box, CD player and portable music players.

A subwoofer output is also included for extra bass output.

Featuring advance driver technology, the M20 wireless music system is designed to produce precise and immersive stereo sound with low distortion. Providing 130 watts of digital power, the built-in amplifier powers the 22mm tweeter which is decoupled to minimise any internal vibrations that can affect the audio, while the 125mm mid/bass driver and rear-firing reflex port in each speaker combines to deliver a balanced sound.

With optimal performance in mind, the M20 uses Q Acoustics’ proprietary P2P (Point to Point) internal bracing to support the parts of the enclosure that need to be stiffened, which improves the focus of the stereo image and gives the soundstage more accuracy. The grille has curved contours, designed to disperse any tweeter activity, keeping unwanted reflections to a minimum.

Users can designate the powered speaker to be the left or right channel to make it easier to access power and not limit placement in the room. There is also an EQ switch to let the system know if each speaker is positioned in a corner, against a wall or in free space so its digital sound processing can optimise the audio performance.

The M20 system comes in three finishes: classic matte black, an elegant matte white or a vintage walnut veneer. Matching speakers stands and wall-brackets are also available.

Available now, the Q Acoustics M20 HD wireless music system in all finishes is priced at £399 / €499 / $599 (the black model is available now in the US, but the white and walnut models will be available in April).