Roku adds Google Assistant support

Google Assistant support has arrived on Roku devices, although don’t expect functionality to be that broad yet...

Owners of Roku TV or players running from OS 8.1 and beyond can now enjoy one of modern life’s greatest novelties: controlling your TV through your voice.

Those who have may have lost, or simply aren’t a fan of their remote can now launch channels, search for shows and manage playback on certain devices. TV owners furthermore can turn on, change the volume or switch inputs on their set.

To use voice to control core functions users just link the Google Home app to their Roku account.

Commands need to be given using the suffix “on Roku”, but “my Roku” is also good thanks to Google Assistant’s trusty natural language processing – ‘Roku’ and ‘Google’ both being in the mix does complicate giving commands, but for opening apps in particular, it’s a useful little trick.

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