Samsung debuts 146-in TV wall for the home

Following on from ‘The Frame’, Samsung has introduced ‘The Wall’ – but hey, for all the brand lacks in product name creativity, it more than makes up for with impressive display tech.

Longed for a residential version of the technology Samsung released for the cinema screen last year? Look no further.

The Wall is geared up to be one of the most exciting launches of CES 2018 when it comes to display technology. Of course, big is not always better, but Samsung has packed in the tech of its 10-metre+ commercial-grade LED display it hopes to challenge film screens. This includes Samsung’s newly developed self-emitting MicroLED chips (producing their own light sources and therefore “darker darks” and “brighter” brights) and a modular design allowing it to be assembled in large sizes.

Samsung’s senior vice president of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics America, Dave Das, believes "Micro LED is groundbreaking” for the The Wall (and Samsung’s future attempts to pin back OLED’s stronghold on the luxury TV market), as it offers "outstanding brightness, contrast, and close-to-perfect viewing from any angle.”

Of course, as with most CES debuts, little is known about pricing at the moment, but you can bet your bottom dollar (in the thousands) that it will come in at least the US $20,000 mark. But we’re sure that’s affordable for those clients for whom an 80-in+ 4K TV or a projector screen isn’t good (or modern) enough.

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