Snap One introduces Binary BX 8K Active HDMI Cables

Snap One has launched its new line of Binary BX 8K Active HDMI Cables, designed to support 8K UHD at 60Hz 4:2:0 and up to 10K at 30Hz 4:4:4.

The cables can also display 4K at 120Hz and 4K at 60Hz 4:4:4 and handle transmission speeds up to 48Gbps.

Made with premium Zinc alloy connector heads and GripTek connectors, the range requires up to 8lbs of pull force to remove the cable from the HDMI port, mitigating any accidental disconnections.

Each active connector head also features high-performance micro-electronics to automatically monitor and protect signals to ensure reliable transmission.

The new line also supports audio and video formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and HDMI 3D.

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