Stewart Filmscreen Debuts Harmony Woven Acoustically Transparent Screen

Stewart Filmscreen unveiled its latest woven acoustically transparent screen, Harmony, to visitors of ISE 2016.

Harmony was featured as part of a 16-foot (4.875 meters) wide VistaScope Jumbo variable masking system that served as the centerpiece of a multi-brand 21-channel DolbyAtmos-enhanced dedicated theater showcase.

Harmony can be specified up to 114-inch image height, which supports a 273.5-inch image width when presented in a 2.4:1 native aspect ratio. This is more than a 25% increase in the maximum size over its predecessor, Tela 80. 

Harmony is available now for specification in Stewart’s classic AT1.5 fixed frame wall screen as well as the VistaScope Jumbo system shown at ISE. Later this spring, Stewart will release Harmony for inclusion in its flagship Director’s Choice four-way variable masking system. 

With a 0.8 gain screen material option that offers an 85-degree half gain angle, there is virtually no minimum throw distance requirement, Stewart Filmscreen noted, allowing the screen to fit into almost any room configuration. Harmony is a white screen surface with very neutral colorimetry and is ideally suited for applications with good lighting control. 

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