Teufel Unveils Revamped Theater 500 Loudspeakers

Berlin-based Teufel has revamped its classic tower speakers, the T 500, with an aesthetic and acoustic update and rechristened them Theater 500. The new series is available as a surround system or as smaller bookshelf speakers.

The third generation of the series, this latest iteration of Theater 500 loudspeakers corrected differences in propagation times with a recessed tweeter, resulting in a broad and realistic soundstage in which individual instruments, voices and effects can be distinctly localised. Newly developed damping technology prevents the creation of standing waves and disruptive resonances for clear and natural playback.

The 3-way Theater 500 tower speaker is the series’ standard bearer, while the smaller Theater 500S are 2-way bookshelf speakers and the Theater 500 Surround: Theater 500 tower speakers form the sonic foundation of this surround sound system. 

All speakers in the series are available now. 

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