The fullest 4K sent by laser beams via fibre optics

NueTec has released the perfect solution for hassle free connection between 4K sources and displays.

The AOC18G range packs HDMI latest premium performance features in to a hybrid transmission system that foregoes the need for external transmitters and receivers by using Nano Technology methods to miniaturise a laser transmitter and receivers that are connected via 4 glass fibre optic filaments.

NueTec AOC18G range for connections between 4K sources and displays

The AOC18G variants look much like a very thin HDMI cable and indeed are about 60% lighter as very little metal wiring is housed inside their sleeves. Vertical laser transmitter (VCSEL) are mounted at source end next to a power board and a chip, a corresponding receiver converts the laser light beams back to voltage at the display end.

The new range is an ideal product for both specialty retailers and installers. Connection and operation of the cable is identical to that Conventional HDMI cables.

nuetec AOC18G product comparison for HDMI distribution

The ground breaking NueTec AOC18G is the brain child of Abbas Hussain, who has been setting the trend for HDMI transmission for nearly 14 years, distributing Wire World products in the UK.

“Copper cable technology has reached its limit due to the need for greater bandwidth. Consumers and installers who seek a quick unlimited connection to the fullest 4K are frustrated by the limitations of copper technology in the form of long HDMI cables and HDbaseT modules” stated Abbas.

“I have looked carefully at designing the simplest form of transmission system that will enable stable and secured connection of 4K components, after over two years of development I came to realise that the best carrier for such transmission is hybrid fibre optic active cables.”

NueTec AOC18G transmissionThe first production of the AOC18G range has been sold in its entirety to clients in the UK and in Europe. NueTec is fastidious over the number of QC and has designed a process that not only inspects each individual cable, but also employs set of measurements that other manufacturers only use when certifying their models.

Individual models are tracked via individual serial numbers and are all subject to three years warranty.

“In order to ensure that our clients be they consumers or professional benefit from the best support and service we have designed a complete new site from the ground up, our resources pages are able to guide and assist individual who are planning to convert their home system from 1080p to 4K, to overcome some of the complexities and difficulty that may arise”.

For more information contact Nue World / NueTec on 0208 991 9200, or visit Nuetec’s AOC18g product page NUETEC site.

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