TP Vision debuts 5th gen P5 AI processing suite

TP Vision is continuing its mission to develop and improve TVs with the introduction of a new enhanced 5th generation P5 AI processing suite.

The 5th gen P5 AI will further improve picture quality by introducing a new Film Detection category while adding the operation of the set’s light sensor to the AI functionality for the first time. This will produce an even more refined PQ performance across all ambient light conditions.

Developed in house, the AI functionality uses neural networks and machine learning to analyse millions of PQ test clips from a unique database culminated by both Philips TV and TP Vision’s development teams over 30 years.

Designed to create a better balance between the five pillars of PQ – source, colour, contrast, motion and sharpness – the AI software analyses all elements of the content, frame by frame, to reproduce natural and lifelike images.

The new Film Detection category joins ‘Landscape/nature’, ‘Face/skin tone’, ‘Motion/sports’, ‘Dark/contrast’, and ‘Other’ categories. The AI function can then automatically select the applicable category and analyse the five PQ pillars to make fine adjustments to reproduce realistic images.

The addition of the new category allows the 5th gen P5 to automatically highlight films and offer the user the option to play it in a different mode, such as the new Home Cinema Mode, Pure Cinema Mode, or FMM.

A new Fast Motion Clarity feature is ideal for gamers and sports fans, avoiding the ‘sample & hold’ motion blurring effect with a smooth transition from image to image and increased sharpness. FMC will be offered at four settings: Off, Low, High or AI.

The 5th gen P5 offers support for HDR10+ Adaptive which combines HDR10+ dynamic metadata with real-time ambient light information which automatically optimises brightness levels to its surroundings on a scene-by-scene basis.

The 5th gen P5 AI will make its debut on the Philips OLED806/856 Ambilight models as well as Philip’s first Ambilight mini-LED sets – the 9636 and 9506 series. The new TV sets will also include features of HDMI 2.1 offering e-ARC and VRR for 4K content from 40Hz to 120Hz at a high-speed of 48Gbps.

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