Void Acoustics adds subwoofer to Venu V2 range

Void Acoustics has launched the Venu 208 subwoofer, the latest addition to the Venu V2 series of loudspeakers.

Designed for multiple applications, including bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, lounges, as well as high-end homes, the Venu 208 subwoofer is a versatile, low-frequency compact speaker housed in a smaller unit, but still utilises the same specifications of the larger Venu speakers.

The product inspiration was driven by the North American team who utilised previous design knowledge to drive the sonic characteristics and the design aspects of the product from the start of the R&D process.

“We knew there was a market demand for this type of enclosure – smaller and more compact, but with the recognisable and exceptional audio quality of a Void product,” commented Mike Newman, head of sales at Void Acoustics.

“We designed the product specifically with low SPL applications such as restaurants or relaxed bar settings in mind. It needed to be inconspicuous but still pack a punch in terms of the audio delivery.”

The Venu 208 is designed to offer ease of installation in a wider variety of spaces including under-bench, on-wall or on-ceiling. It can also be placed flush against a wall with a recessed rear connector panel built into the design.

The subwoofer is also ideal for full channel utilisation and very high efficiency transducers which means that at just 300W, the speaker can be driven from a single channel on the small Bias Q1 amp from Void Acoustics, keeping the cost of powering the product down.

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