WhyReboot helps isolating integrators with Wi-Fi 6 Certified Access Point Programme

WhyReboot has launched its Ruckus Wi-Fi Certified 6 Access Point Programme with the latest 802.11ax Ruckus models, as well as details on the new WhyReboot Cumulus6 and Cirrus Wireless programmes, to help integrators who are social distancing.

“We realise integrators are struggling right now,” commented Bjørn Jensen, CEO of WhyReboot. “We’re launching these products and services now because they can potentially help integrators to service, upgrade, and give users more reliable ways to connect while they are accommodating social distancing – without their techs needing to go onsite.”

New Wi-Fi 6 Certified products now available include the Ruckus R750 and R650 indoor access points, and T750 for outdoors. 

There are many benefits to the products being Wi-Fi 6 Certified, including increased device speeds by almost four times that of Wi-Fi 5. It also allows connections to more devices simultaneously while improving power performance. 

Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 products also include multi-gigabit technologies, allowing for 2.5 Gbps speeds over a simple CAT5e, with no need to run new cables. 

Within this programme, WhyReboot is also introducing the Cumulus6 network package that includes both cloud access and analytics, in addition to Cirrus Wireless as a Service (formerly known as WhyReboot WaaS) for additional cloud services. 

The Cumulus6 package presents multiple benefits, including the ability to ship access points from anywhere to clients and automatically configure when they are plugged in to be ready to use. 

The app also allows partners to log in from anywhere to diagnose issues or make changes should they decide to do it without assistance.

Another advantage to the package is that if the licence is not renewed, the APs will continue to function as normal, but without access to make changes or view analytics. 

The reporting and analytics functions allows problems to be resolved quickly as well as catching an issue before it happens. The machine-learning analytics system tells you where the problem is and how to fix it, preventing vague error messages and having to look for issues.