2N launches new AR app to visualise products in real-life situations

2N has created 2N AppeAR, an augmented reality app that allows integrators, installers, engineers and architects to see how the company’s products would look if incorporated into their projects.

The new app provides detailed 3D models, technical information, and useful videos for all 2N products, as well as the option to view them disassembled.

A ‘virtual installation’ feature allows architects and installers to see the 2N product in place before installation by pointing their phone at the place they want to install it and an AR image of the device will appear on the screen as if it were installed in real life. Using the app, integrators can then evaluate the products for size, shape and positioning, as well as trying out different colour variations.

2N AppeAR was built in response to a survey that 2N ran with installers and architects, which emphasised the increasing value that their own customers place on getting every detail of the building right and, specifically, on the importance of design.

The new app follows two other new tools from 2N that have proved particularly popular with architects: the 2N Virtual Experience, which is a 3D animation tool to facilitate the planning process and help ensure that the best possible access control solution is proposed for each project, and 2N Project Designer, a step-by-step guide to save partners time when planning both residential and commercial installations.

“Access control only amounts to about 0.1% of the total cost of a building’s construction, but there is a growing understanding of its importance, in terms of aesthetics as well as security,” said Michael Nicholson, business development manager for the UK & Ireland at 2N. “Our customers care about great design because beautiful devices enhance the value of their projects. Understandably, they therefore want to be able to see how the products will actually look. 2N AppeAR means that they no longer have to imagine our solutions. Now, they can visualise them.”

2N AppeAR is available now on the Apple Appstore and Google Play.

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