AR tool used for yacht management

A new AR tool using Microsoft HoloLens is being used on yachts to assist in yacht builds and management by materialising otherwise hidden objects in real time.

OPTIP HOLOASSISTANCE is an advanced optical projection system that recognises and maps the surrounding environment and creates holograms to help management and configuration of a yacht.

Using the system, remote technical assistance is made possible, allowing specialised technicians to operate directly on the on-board systems by remotely guiding the person on the boat, no matter where the boat is situated. The system can create documents, diagrams, indicators, and 3D models to help with this.

Users can view and accurately locate any systems, installations (piping and cabling), and structural elements behind the ship’s outfitting to make checks or maintenance easier and more efficient, avoiding unnecessary searches and dismantling.

To help avoid issues, it can also provide data analysis and remote monitoring of the yacht in order to carry out predictive maintenance and identifies any problems before they arise.

When a customer is having a yacht built, they can use the system to virtually enter the yacht to view the progress. It enables the configuration of the interior, creating an immersive 3D environment to allow the customer to choose the aesthetics, décor, furniture placement, lighting design, etc.

OPTIP has already been installed by Cantiere delle Marche, a builder of explorer yachts, on-board its latest boats – the MY CROWBRIDGE 40 mt. and the Flexplorer MY AURELIA 39 mt. for after sales assistance.

The user on the yacht can use the app to request assistance and, wearing the HoloLens, the technician can connect remotely via PC in the control room and holograms can be created and shared between the two users. The technician can then guide the user on-board with comments and indications such as arrows, drawings, user manuals, wiring diagrams, video tutorials, and holograms of rendered objects.

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