Audio Pro upgrades next-gen speaker Drumfire II

Swedish speaker specialist, Audio Pro has launched an updated version of its award-winning Drumfire speaker duo, the Drumfire II.

Like the original, the company offers the option to buy the upper speaker without the subwoofer beneath it. The speaker now also comes with AirPlay 2 and Google Cast.

Just like its predecessor, the Drumfire D-2 can be positioned on a bench or a shelf and deliver stylish sound. It remains an ideal alternative if there is no floorspace for the full Drumfire II speaker.

“When Drumfire was released in 2018, we expected a positive reaction, but even in our wildest imagination, we could not have foreseen the product would be so popular,” said Jens Henriksen, CCO of Audio Pro. “The great sound has resonated with many more consumer groups that we expected – it’s popular not just among rock lovers who want to shake the room, but also with fans of jazz and classical music, as its sound reproduction picks up nuances in the music that are appreciated across different musical genres.

“Four years on, we have updated our award-winning bad boy, meeting the need to offer both AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, alongside our own multiroom streaming option.”

As well as audio improvements, the number of preset buttons has also increased. “Our popular preset buttons, by which you can easily start your favourite playlist or radio channel with a simple push of a button directly on the speaker, without even opening the app on your phone, are something that still get very positive reviews,” added Henriksen. “We are taking the opportunity to increase the number of preselection buttons now in connection with the new launch.”

Both speakers also offer Spotify Connect and Bluetooth.