AudioSolutions launches Figaro XL2 loudspeaker

The Figaro XL2 is an evolution of the model XL and a three-way speaker with technologies taken from premium AudioSolutions speakers.

The Figaro contains upgraded mini-horn loading tweeter and ER paper cones in its MID and BASS drivers. The mid-driver works in an extended band (crossover points 400-4000 Hz), avoiding crossover points in the region that is most sensitive for humans where slight phase shifts or delays can be detected by the ear. The most obvious upgrade to the Figaro is in the cabinet with the system taken directly from upper class Virtuoso speakers. This cabinet assembly technique is also used in flagship model the Vantage.

Gediminas Gaidelis, founder of Audio solutions and designer of the XL2, said of the result: “Helps with crossover distortion perception and the listener gets uniform, unchopped sound coming from one driver with virtually zero phase shifts”. 

Gaidelis said: “the cab-in-a-cab system eliminates virtually all vibrations by cleverly using light and a stiff inner box with an inert and heavy otterbox separated by a polyurethane damping layer”. 

Available in 7 different colors in Bespoke Trim. Bespoke trim offers brass metal accents as well as modern matt coloring of the speaker. New Figaro is designed by company founder Gediminas Gaidelis and as all AudioSolutions speakers, manufactured in Lithuania.

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