Austrian Audio headphone amplifier shipping now

Austrian Audio’s Full Score one headphone amplifier is available now in the UK and European Union.

The company deployed its True Transient Technology for the first time in the Full Score one, which it claims delivers “breathtaking transients with superb clarity and detail”.

It is engineered and manufactured in Austria and features a fully discrete analogue amplifier design, free from integrated circuits in the signal path in an effort to deliver pristine sound quality with minimal noise. It can accommodate a range of headphone impedances, from 10 Ohms to over 300 Ohms.

The Full Score one's design features a wide band, fully symmetrical voltage feedback circuit coupled with a triple emitter follower output stage biased in class B, a high-speed complementary push-pull gain stage, and a cascoded parallel differential input stage. This advanced configuration was designed to ensure exceptionally low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at every output level and over a wide frequency range.

Martin Seidl, CEO of Austrian Audio, said: "Our technical approach to our first headphone amp was comparable to building a very low-noise power amplifier. The Full Score one handles low-impedance headphones down to 10 Ohms and high-impedance, low-sensitivity headphones with over 300 Ohms."


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