Chord Company introduces an Epic cable

Chord Company has launched the Epic Digital Tuned ARAY interconnect, a premium cable which introduces the benefits of its proprietary Tuned ARAY coaxial conductor geometry to an increasingly digital AV world.

Hand-built at its UK headquarters, the new cable is the latest addition to Chord Company’s premium-tier Epic range, which sits in the middle of its portfolio.

Designed to enhance digital connection quality between streamers, CD players and transports, and suitably equipped AV devices, the new Epic Digital Tuned ARAY benefits from the company’s exclusive Tuned ARAY mechanical tuning for enhanced performance.

The cable also features Chord Company’s VEE3 plugs finished with its unique ChorAlloy multi-metal plating system, which provides significant musical improvement over previous silver-plating techniques, offers much lower intermodulation, is tarnish-free, RoHS-compliant and solderable.

Structured around two high-quality 75-ohm silver-plated oxygen-free-copper conductors with PTFE insulation, the cable benefits from a high-density, silver-plated combination braid and foil shield, offering effective protection from high-frequency interference.

The Epic Digital Tuned ARAY is available now, priced at £560 per metre and will be debuted at the UK’s North West Audio Show from 22-23 June. Also with a lifetime guarantee, the cable is available in RCA/BNC/AES-EBU terminations. Custom lengths are available to order.

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