Denon launches new soundbar

Denon expanded its range of Dolby Atmos soundbars, announcing the Denon DHT-S218 that delivers immersive 3D audio, powerful bass performance, and 4K Ultra HD pass through.

The DHT-S218 has a wall-mountable build and built-in subwoofers while Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio brings sound when paired with a smartphone. 

The soundbar features Dolby Vision, an HDR imaging technology that brings colour, contrast, and brightness to the screen. The connectivity is powered through LE Audio Connect which allows music to be played directly from a smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device with low latency and higher quality sound than traditional Bluetooth.

The soundbar supports 4K TVs for video as detailed as it sounds. eARC HDMI input and output features Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) to receive the highest quality audio from a single cable connection between the sound bar and TV. Pure Audio Mode eliminates surround processing by removing any adjusted audio characteristics for sound in its purest state. Users can choose from three distinct levels of enhancement to reproduce clear dialogue.

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