Estelon unveils new Extreme Mk II flagship loudspeaker

Estelon has refined its most luxurious high-end loudspeaker, incorporating a significant number of advancements in the same iconic form factor, resulting in the Extreme Mk II flagship loudspeaker.

The Extreme MK II is the product everything Alfred Vassilkov, Estelon’s chief designer and co-founder, has learned during his 35 years of experience.

Standing over two meters tall, the loudspeaker features a unique two module design allowing the user to adjust the height of the upper part as well as the depth of the tweeter in order to achieve optimal performance in any room. It also isolates the upper drivers from vibration created by the woofers, ensuring the sound remains clear and free of colouration.

The loudspeaker’s cabinet has been specially designed using proprietary marble-based composite material to provide the ideal conditions for the speakers’ components. It features the unique shape Estelon are known for, having no parallel walls to prevent unwanted resonances.

Vastly improving upon its predecessor, the Extreme Mk II features a new 7” ceramic membrane midrange driver with CELL technology from Accuton. The super-fast and accurate technology allows a highly efficient, resolving, and transparent sound.

A new 1” diamond membrane Accuton tweeter has been used in the loudspeaker, reproducing sounds up to 60kHz with no distortions in the human hearing range. The tweeter produces high-performance imaging precision, instrument spatiality, contours in 3D space and microdetail clarity.

As well as the significant upgrades already mentioned, the Extreme Mk II also contains an upgraded crossover network that integrates new and improved inductors, capacitors, and resistors, all utilising Estelon’s new proprietary direct connection techniques. The internal wiring of the speaker is accomplished through the use of Kubala-Sosna pure copper cabling for a wider dynamic range and transparency.

Through the release of Extreme Mk II, Estelon has introduced its custom-designed and highly innovative direct coupling terminal connectors, bringing the audio quality to a previously unattained level of performance with a more open sound and heightened nuances. All unnecessary metal-to-metal transitions have been eliminated, and there are no large dimension conductors that enable degrading effects of circulating currents. The Estelon proprietary connectors accept banana, spade, or bare wire termination.

Extreme Mk II ships fully assembled thanks to a newly designed packing system, making installation even easier.  

The Estelon Extreme Mk II is offered in two-tone, high-gloss finishes: Midnight Opera, Bronze Royale, Lunar Eclipse, and Nordic Emerald.